About HNS Catering

Heart N’ Soul Catering is Jersey City’s premiere boutique Private Chef and Catering service.  We specialize in healthy Soul Caribbean cuisine and can provide custom menus for all ethnic backgrounds.  With our innovative designs and wide selection of available styles, we can help you plan the event of your dreams and offer you a memorable experience.

Our staff are fully trained and will provide you and your guests with quality service, freshly made cuisine, and delicious cakes and deserts. You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen for you and your guests.  Whatever your tastes are, our chef staff will design the menu you’re looking for.

Additionally, we offer Eat Well, Live Well cooking classes & Politics of Food Workshops for all age groups.  Contact us at 201-381-1396 or by email at chefkimhnscatering@gmail.com and let us make your event a one of a kind experience!

Elegant Cuisine to Nourish Your Heart N' Soul